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TOUCHING INFINITY / Experiences don’t come much more immersive than this

Aboard the MSC Virtuosa’s gleaming Starship Club bar, under the watchful eye of their robot barman, our 18ft long glass and aluminium triple Infinity Table offers guests of this major cruiseline a stunning intergalactic safari.

With space-themed cocktail in hand, guests can build their own interplanetary cruise, and fly over, touchdown on and explore a variety of fantasy worlds, each with its own fully realised story and ecosystem. Each table can accommodate twelve intrepid explorers at once, and includes fast 3D, themed games, detailed interactive models, cinematic video, stunning animations, a ‘bio-electric field palm reader’, and smartphone integration.

Beyond being a huge technical achievement, this is also a spellbinding user-generated adventure. From the cutting edge Unity-powered interface to the menagerie of beautifully crafted alien life forms and fleet of branded MSC space cruisers, our Infinity Table is an incredible showcase for our partnering approach and story-telling vision.

Won through a competitive tender, the brief from MSC Cruises’ Innovation Team was to create an engaging digital attraction suitable for all ages and demographics. Our previous experience in this area secured the win and that’s when the real work began.

Even in its concept phase, the Infinity table emerged as a winning route: Visually stunning, with a bulletproof UI, accessible to all ages, non-linear for sustained interest, and multi-lingual for maximum reach, the Infinity table is the very definition of a Big Idea – hugely social, able to accommodate a whole crowd at once, with smartphone integration to allow guests to take and post photographs, visually irresistible in both physical form and UI, fun, educational and at the very cutting edge of what’s possible with touch technology.

And Big, too: 18ft long, with three 75-inch screens behind a single sheet of gorilla glass and mounted on a curved, laser-cut and backlit aluminium base, it dominates the MSC Starship Club bar, and has that elusive – and award-winning – X-factor in shiploads.

From a brand point-of-view, the Infinity touch table positions MSC Cruises as a sector leader in the use of innovative, immersive technology and a real investor in the guest experience. And with six Communicator awards under their belt, the Infinity table is surely only the start.

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