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ESA Mars Explorer

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Explore the benefits of Martian space travel

An interactive Mars experience for ESA’s Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands.


The Brief

Tell the epic story of three key ESA Mars missions, sent to search for signs of life. Featuring video, animation, sound effects, interactive 3D models and timelines, this is at its heart a storytelling project – masses of data, packaged into coherent and engaging storylines for a very wide audience. Our mission? To delight, engage, and educate.

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The experience is controlled by a TOR touch table, and housed within an imagined Mars hab. Three 75-inch 4K panoramic ‘windows’ look out onto a future Martian base.

The result is a visually rich experience consisting of several layers of information – from the ‘Big Numbers’ to the full story – making it suitable for both a casual/younger audience and for those looking for a deeper dive. A superb example of how storytelling can be enhanced by the latest digital technologies

Group 99

Throughout this journey, your communication with our team meant we knew exactly what was going on, and where we were headed. ESA is thrilled and Astrolabe has been a very big success. Thank you for your exceptional expertise and experience.

Technical Officer, ESA


To accomodate ESA's vastly differing audiences, our solution enables hosts to create custom storylines for specialist groups via the TOR console and integrated wireless PA system.

At the same time, the UI remains flexible, robust and intuitive enough to also allow casual visitors to explore at their own pace. The system is designed to run for long periods unattended and content can be updated via remote log-in from any location.

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2016 Mars Methane Mystery

2022 Economic Benefits

Atmospheric Gases

Morphological and Surface Structures

Organic Compounds

Rover By The Numbers

Rover Overview

TGO By The Numbers

TGO OVerview

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