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BAE Systems

Wide open oceans

A multimedia experience that allows the customer to create the most engaging narrative by making them the driver of an interactive journey with multiple pathways.


The Brief

Team up with BAE's in-house communications specialists to design an interactive experience that can distill BAE's complex multi-divisional offerings into persuasive, relevant and engaging stories.



3D interactive content within a bespoke, branded UI is displayed on a massive 75″ table, coupled to a wraparound video tower. The whole digital experience is housed in a purpose-built metal structure designed and created by our in-house team.

Models of real BAE maritime and land vehicles activate and direct different interactive pathways. Content across the other BAE Systems divisions is queued for release over the coming years, hugely boosting ROI and demand.

Group 99

Tech-enabled brand experiences are really just about creating simple, positive connections with your audience. But what goes on under the hood? A lot!

Robin Watson , Managing Director , Ouno


BAE's global portfolio of solutions is spread across diverse and technically complex divisions. Our bespoke solution offers scalability and a major point of difference over rivals; the customer drives the narrative.

Originally commissioned as a globe-trotting exhibition attractor, there is now a second build permanently installed at the Portsmouth Naval Dockyard.

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