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ESA Astrolabe

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The Astrolabe.
Space, re-imagined.

Engage, Inspire, Innovate: our three aims in creating a new, visionary space within ESA's Paris HQ.

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The Brief

Create and deliver The Astrolabe - a visitor centre and venue for the public, partners and media to promote ESA's unique but little-understood contributions to the space age.

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Our initial design report created a multilayered blueprint of the proposed space, taking in users, utilities and suggesting inclusions. For the design phase, our trans-national team leaned heavily on iterative design via a collaborative 3D 'tour' that allowed all parties to convene in a virtual Astrolabe.

Through bespoke coding, 3D printing and detail-focussed site management, The Astrolabe was fully delivered against a set of stringent KPIs.

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Group 99

Throughout this journey, your communication with our team meant we knew exactly what was going on, and where we were headed. ESA is thrilled and Astrolabe has been a very big success. Thank you for your exceptional expertise and experience.

Technical Officer, ESA
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ESA are used to contracting suppliers whose work is critical to life, and their SLA and KPIs reflect that. Though not destined for space, we knew we needed to deliver the Astrolabe with uncompromising attention to detail.

So, to ensure excellence, we took on a dedicated European Project Director. She proved a perfect match for ESA and The Astrolabe has launched, to much applause.

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