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Welcoming the next generation of engineers.

Ouno Creative has partnered up with Enginuity to develop an engaging, educational platform that inspires minds of the future.

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The Brief

Provide captivating illustrations and UI/UX design support that creates an enagaging experience for an educational tool.

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Ouno’s team of talented illustrators supplied an impressive amount of vibrant and captivating illustrations to build the Enspire City from the ground up!

Working directly with Enginuity and with input from the target demographic…the children, Ouno were able to understand what the difficult expectations were and managed to curate them into an inspiring and educational platform that really tackled the brief head on!

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Ouno has been delighted to work on such an exciting and important tool to help inspire some of the great minds of the future.



The platform is aimed to help propel young, budding engineers in to STEM careers. Driven by data and analytics the Enspire City is a tool developed to discover and identify young people who have the aptitude for a career in engineering.

The City is already providing a bridge to get more students in to jobs that will make a difference and help to shape the future of the UK economy.

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