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Bid design requires serving two masters at once: The seller and the target. Couple that with down-to-the-wire lead times and hands-on client teams for a real branding challenge.

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The Brief

The typical bid brief is all unknowns, even for our clients - with the target company holding all the cards. What they do share is high stakes, high value and a one-shot opportunity to succeed.

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Our clients bring the commercials and a winning package, while we work with the bid team on format and approach, theme, concept and headlines.

We bring technical know-how, a dedicated point of contact, and of course superb writing and design, so our clients start their pitch in a winning frame of mind. And since these things tend to go down to the wire, we work round the clock to make sure bids are delivered in time to seal the deal.

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Once again – thank you for the efforts your team made. You went above and beyond to help us and I really appreciate the flexibility and the quality of the work completed. The support of you and your team has been outstanding.

Head of Bid Management, Aramark


Every bid is different, but a good pitch is always memorable; "Differentiate yourself from the competition," as we like to say. We've helped our clients land some very big fish.

From Amazon and Apple to Google and Adidas, our clients have succeeded with the biggest and the best, and we’re always there to help steer them to victory. If you want to work tomorrow, you have to win today, which makes the quality of our bid support work critically important.





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