TOR / Touch table features advanced Tangible Object Recognition technology

When GKN Aerospace wanted to communicate their wide range of services in a hi-tech way, a pair of 86 inch state-of-the-art PCAP touch tables was the perfect solution.

The biggest home turf marketing event for GKN Aerospace in 2018 is the Farnborough International Airshow. For this event Ouno Creative have designed and installed into the GKN pavilion two PCAP multitouch tables.

One table delivered a holistic overview of the companies global operations, the other table showcased GKN Aerospace’s technical capabilities and drilled down into more detail about what they do.

The tables featured tangible object recognition, supporting up to 6 trigger objects at any one time. Each trigger object – a round plastic control puck – generated it’s own digital content.

Ouno worked with partners Promultis and Intuiface to achieve 6 objects generating interactive content simultaneously. At the time of writing, this is a technical first! As far as we know, this number of tangible objects working on one table has not been seen in the UK or Europe, possibly the world.

The team at Ouno are very excited about the creative story telling potential of touch tables and tangible object recognition. We’ve developed world class expertise in this area, so if you have a project you’d like to discuss get in contact on 01252 893600 or [email protected]

See a video of the pavilion space we designed plus the touch tables in action here.

Extended video of tangible object content here.

More examples of touch table projects by Ouno here.

Our role:

•  Design

•  Content Development (HTML, Intuiface)

•  3D interactive models

•  Video and photography galleries

•  Animated HTML timeline

•  Animated HTML global location map

•  Bespoke development for Tangible Object triggers

•  Testing, unit enclosure design, installation

•  Onsite technical support

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