The Office Move – ‘go big or go home’

To move or not to move? That was the question hanging over our little 1 room design studio at the start of 2019. Whilst we loved our space, Ouno was continuing to expand and our beloved, faithful studio started to feel less like a creative hub and more like a creative sweatshop. Preferably, we wished to no longer hotbox the fumes of our colleagues microwavable lunch and as office move discussions continued, the term ‘we need more space’ felt like it maybe started to take on more than one meaning. Thus, we decided enough was enough and took a leap of faith into the realm of ‘office spaces available’.

The criteria for the move was relatively simple: go big or go home, OR in other words, try to find somewhere that could offer Ouno a meeting room, a kitchen and more storage. Months had been spent researching and visiting office spaces. Our treks through the February snow brought us to one studio that offered a free gym membership, one that offered a quaint little café and one that offered a delightful 2-hour long morning commute, but ultimately the decision came down to one factor: our clients.

One of the best things about the location of our little studio, was that we were situated nearby some of our amazing clients who we have built a strong rapport with over the years, only strengthened by their accessibility to us and vice versa. To us, our clients are our main priority and we felt that in order to pay respect to the work that was coming our way from our local clients, we should keep nurturing that relationship by staying right where we were…well sort of. Luckily for us, it just so happened that the office next door became available, which to our excitement, happened to be twice the size of the one we were in currently.

Like the designers we are, we created 10,000 office renders and had various team votes on the best layouts, but once we had picked ‘the one’, we knew that we were in for an incredible design space. We hired glass fitting specialists and carpenters to help bring our vision to life and also took turns as a design team, to spend hours painting walls, fitting floors and moving furniture.

From the first render to the last piece of furniture being moved, the office move/build took about 6 weeks and let’s just say, we’re definitely not disappointed! Whilst at first, we wondered if we had bitten off more than we could chew when we decided to move next door to a bigger space, we now walk past our old studio and wonder how we had even fit in there. Ouno can now continue to expand our team without fear of suffocation and place items into our large storage room, keeping our new space nicely organised. We also now have the luxury of taking our clients into a meeting room and offering them a barista-style coffee in our lovely kitchen.

So please feel free to drop by and say hello, and we’ll show you our amazing new studio space. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed either!

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