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THE OFFICE / Go big or go home

To move or not to move? That had been the question ever since our little team had started to outgrow our faithful one-room studio back in 2018. As much as we loved our home, it was starting to feel more like a sweatshop than a break-out space. And so the answer came: It was time to make a move.

The wishlist was for more space, more storage, a dedicated meeting room, separate break-out area, and a kitchen. In other words: go big or go home.

We saw dozens of offices over the months – some with perks like free gym membership or executive parking, others with well-appointed cafes and bars, and some with seductively low rents but little else. As hard as we looked, we kept returning to The Hub: clean, bright, warm and welcoming, with great green spaces, lovely staff and a great community. How could we leave it all behind us?

So when a studio space became available – right next door to ours and exactly twice the size – we were sold.

Six weeks and many hours of project management later, and we’re all moved in. With fabrics and furnishings picked out, glass slabs in place and the fitters all finished and packed up, we have a studio every bit as wonderful as we’d hoped. The space went through many iterations, with every voice contributing something invaluable, and all of us working together to get it over the line.

Today, we love our light-infused glass studio, our mid-century easy chairs and boardroom, our stand-up desks and mighty video screen, even our humble storage cupboard (storage at last!). But the cherry on the cake is our ‘proper’ coffee machine. Not part of the original plans, it’s become an invaluable part of our days and, sometimes, of our nights. Nothing like a latte in the comfort of your own home from home.

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