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Sustainable Skies World Summit 2022 Net Zero Aviation UK by Ouno Creative

SUSTAINABLE SKIES / A new green summit

A new summit is on the horizon in 2022 with a programme that will set out to find the fundamental answers at the heart of aviation’s sustainability question. Sustainable Skies will drive honest conversations and debate from all corners of industry as it grapples with a net zero future. And with Farnborough International at the helm, Ouno are on board for the journey, too.

As the impact of climate change continues to dominate headlines around the world, the spotlight is on the international aviation industry to demonstrate their commitment to change and build a more sustainable future for aerospace.

The inaugural Sustainable Skies World Summit (SSWS) will provide a platform for industry experts, leading academics and governments from around the world to share insight, and to discuss and debate the barriers that face the industry on its path to net zero.

Ouno’s brief was to create an identity in the form of a logo and hero imagery, ready for the launch. Unifying elements were used to clearly identify the summit as part of the Farnborough International family of events.

The summit will serve as Farnborough International’s entry point into the sustainability conversation. Its goal is to challenge industry to set out a sustainability agenda that will be revisited at Farnborough Airshow 2022, before continuing in future SSWS events. Our further developed creative will aim to establish it as a key event in the aerospace calendar, so look out for more from us – and Sustainable Skies – as it approaches in 2022.

Sustainable Skies Net Zero Aviation Advert
Sustainable Skies Accelerate Global Progress to Net Zero Aviation graphic. Click to enlarge
Net Zero Aviation UK logo by Ouno Creative
Net Zero Aviation UK logo by Ouno Creative
Sustainable Skies Summit logo. Click to enlarge
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