Spacemetric Update

Work for our Swedish client Spacemetric has been continuing for a long time now, and so we thought we’d give an update of what we’ve been doing for them!

Here’s a list of some of the things we’ve been up to:

  • First of all for the Civil ISR show we made a new Spacemetric brochure. The Civil ISR is a show for the Police and Homeland Security helicopter division.
  • We made a new splash page for their Keystone software which would play during loading screens, this also included and updated icon.
  • Social media is a new focus for Spacemetric and we assisted them in the creation and use of various social media accounts.
  • We created a poster for the Landsat User Conference.
  • We also created a roll up banner for their Landsat satellite launch night
Spacemetric has been a great client for us and we are always happy to receive more work from them!

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