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SPACEMETRIC / Brand Refresh

Ouno are once again working with Spacemetric, this time to create a refreshed brand, new logo and new positioning, with a new offering launching to customers this year.

Because Spacemetric are involved in so many partnerships and joint intiatives, their logo often appears alongside many others. We took this into consideration in the geometry of their new logo, which is squarer than the previous iteration – optimised for their needs.

Their existing logo, designed over 10 years ago by Ouno, covered visual territory that has since been steadily colonised by space exploration and satellite companies: The crest of a planet. So we needed to pivot back toward their core business of satellite image data processing and management.

The shapes of the logo form a rudimentary ’S’ and ‘M’ but, more than that, they are a representation of how imaging satellites harvest data by scanning the Earth’s surface in strips. The added curvature of these shapes in the logo reinforces this connection.

Logo and icon design by Ouno Creative in UK

Spacemetric streamlines image data from multiple types of satellite and airborne sensors (such as drones) into image products that can then be analysed. Their main software is called ‘Keystone’, which is an image management data hub that is usually installed at customer’s sites for them to process image data from their satellite(s).

Logo and icon design by Ouno Creative in Hampshire UK

But the clever poeple at Spacemetric also saw a gap in the market for a more affordable solution for smaller operators who don’t have the resources for an on-site system. The new product is based in the cloud, where a lot of processing is done server-side. The customer can select only the data they want to use, which keeps data transfer to a minimum.

Sound complex? Perhaps but, to their customers, this is simply a super effective cloud-based version of Spacemetric’s flagship product, Keystone. So of course, we named it Cloudstone.

We’ll be producing a whole series of supporting assets for Cloudstone, beginning with a suite of sales materials.

Our new Spacemetric logo design in full.

Logo and icon design by Ouno Creative in Hampshire UK

Logo identity shapes integrated into the visual styling.

We took the logo and created a magnifying lens effect which gives the illusion of the landscape being clearer through the lens of the logo shape, and another nod to Earth scanning.

Cloudstone presentation slides.

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