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Ouno Creative are experts in touch table and interactive experience design. Touch tables and touch screens deliver great levels of engagement and are the ideal platform for digital storytelling.

We design and build for touch tables, touch screens, kiosks, totems, tablets and web. We develop using Intuiface, Twixl, Unity, Xcode, Appcelerator Titanium, Android NDK, and HTML

See an example of the advanced tangible object recognition touch table we designed for GKN here.

Intuiface is our software of choice for creating advanced multi-touch screen interactive experiences for our clients. Intuiface delivers a huge range of features to maximise user engagement.

Intuiface advanced features include:
/ Huge library of creative tools
/ Extensive gesture support
/ Tangible Object Recognition
/ Native 3D support
/ Deploy & manage globally from console
/ Motion sensors
/ Advanced analytics
/ Excel Database
/ RFID/NFC Readers
/ Beacon Technology
/ Connect to any API
/ QR code generation
/ Data capture
/ Online and offline

For advanced interactives and immersive experiences including VR and AR Ouno uses the Unity Real Time Development platform
which is widely used within the games industry. Unity works with over 25 platforms across mobile, desktop, console, TV, VR, AR and the Web, so it can deliver to the widest audiences. For 3D content it is a true powerhouse creative tool.

Unity key features include:
/ Powerful 2D and 3D toolset
/ Creative timelione based storytelling
/ CAD integration
/ Cloud Build and Collaboration tools
/ Physics engines
/ Real-time rendering engine
/ Native Graphics APIs
/ Scriptable Render Pipeline

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