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Sometimes, your harshest critics are your peers. If you have a big presentation – whether it’s for a regional, national or global audience, we can help to craft the message and shape your deck so that it not only flows, but blows the competition away. Here are some examples of our work:


We’re here to make our clients look awesome and that’s never more important than when the person you’re trying to impress is your boss.

In this case, our contact was a senior executive tasked with creating a deck for her CEO, who was due to speak at a global sales conference. Her theme was ‘focus’ and who, we thought, is more focused than a world champion sprinter?

This is just one example of how we can take a great idea from starting block to finish line to create a truly inspiring presentation deck.

Formula One

Powerpoint may not be a designer’s favourite tool, but it’s often the bridge our clients need us to cross in order to reach their audience.

Now, the real trick to a good deck is a great speaker, flawlessly prepped and well-rehearsed. Luckily our client was all this and more. All we had to do was create a deck of slides that looked anything but.

By integrating our slide designs with the message they were carrying, we were able to transcend the medium to create something altogether bigger and better (great speech not included).

Pitch Perfect

Our client was a senior manager who was due to speak at a global sales conference on the subject of how to do the perfect pitch: Obviously, his presentation had to be pitch perfect.

Rather than set himself up for a very public fall, he got us in to create a knock-out deck. Working closely together, we focused the messages and visuals until everything was, well, perfect.

And while there’s still no substitute for practice, our PowerPoint decks come pretty close: the best thing since baseball.

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