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We know ourselves that if you want to work tomorrow, you’ve got to win today. So one of the most vital services we provide is tender support.

Unlike dedicated bid support agencies, we don’t offer market analysis, service modelling or bid submission support – instead we are all about making you look good. That means we will work closely with your bid team on your approach, advise you on themes and formats, create concepts and headlines, and we can write, edit, proof and produce the final bid materials. And since these things tend to go down to the wire, we’ll work with you round the clock to make sure you deliver in time to seal the deal. Everyone wins.

Much of our back-catalogue is subject to NDAs, but not all. We’ve anonymised the following examples but they are all real – and successful – bid documents:

DESIGUAL / Print bid

Desigual (meaning “unequal, uneven”) is a clothing brand notable for its trendy patchwork designs, intense prints, graffiti art, asymmetrical designs and flamboyant splashes of colour.

In bidding to provide global food services, our client was keen to speak to them in a visual language that matched their high concept and exacting standards. And so we decided to ‘dress’ their bid to suit their audience: A quirky, boldly coloured document full of texture, colour and ambition, and beautifully printed and bound on recycled, embossed and uncoated papers. As you might imagine – the bid succeeded in style.

PAYPAL / Online bid

This client is used to landing big fish. From Google to Amazon to AirBnB, we have been trusted to help them pitch to the biggest and the best, and the cornerstone of this particular partnership has always been innovation.

For their re-bid to PayPal, we created a password-protected pitch website that was built to appeal to this multinational fintech giant’s instinct for keeping it real (and online). By using hand-drawn illustrative elements and vibrant images of real people, we were able to create a winning presentation that spoke to Paypal in their own visual language.

For this client, we have also created app-based pitches whereby several devices are submitted with the tablet locked to display only the pitch app.

RAILTRACK / Video bid

Not so much happy holidays as nightmare before Christmas: A high profile, multimillion-pound legal services bid, envisioned as a set of branded videos, with a three week window and a hard submission deadline of the first working day in January.

We shot footage on location at sites around the UK in the week leading up to Christmas, and then built the bid over the holidays. Merry customer, everyone!

AIB / Print bid

One of our longstanding facilities management clients were tendering for work from Irish bank AIB. As with all our tender clients, they brought the commercials and the winning package, and we brought advice on digital and print formats, technical know-how, a dedicated point of contact, and of course superb writing and design, so that our client started their pitch in a winning frame of mind.

Of course, it was the financials that won it but, like it or not, presentation matters. And our gorgeous hardbound bid book was right on the money.

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