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3D visualisation

We use 3D visualisation as a test ground: to give life and scale to all our ‘physical world’ work. That means exhibition spaces and experiences get the 3D treatment. Increasingly, we also render digital work in 3D: logos, animations, infographics and video idents – all these things live and breathe as 3D graphics. Probably the best use of a digital render is as a proof of concept tool: Will your big idea work? Create it in a 3D world and you’ll soon find out.


No longer confined to ‘explainer’ videos, animation is a digital playground: part of the DNA of all digital projects. From apps and websites to holograms and the humble presentation, users demand ever more immersive and responsive digital experiences, and technology increasingly enables us to delight our audiences, bringing motion, feedback and interactivity into everything we create.

/ Modelling and animation
/ Stand visualisations
/ Technical illustration
/ Infographics
/ Stand graphics
/ Logos and identities
/ 3D image mapping
/ 2D and 3D Graphics
/ Concepts
/ Storyboarding
/ Photorealism
/ Cutaways and fly-throughs
/ Video overlays
/ Presentations
/ Cross platform

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