Prezi interactive presentation for GSK

We have been experiencing an increased demand from our clients for presentations that really engage audiences and provide some stand-out from the crowd. For those really important board meetings, workshops and new business tenders, Powerpoint simply won’t cut the mustard.

That’s where a Prezi interactive presentation steps in. It’s a dynamic zooming presentation tool that takes the audience on an more visually engaging journey. It’s proving very popular across the globe as a viable alternative to Powerpoint. Ouno Creative were an early adopter of Prezi, creating our first presentation back in 2011 for building insulation company Jablite. Since then we’ve produced some pretty impressive looking Prezi’s for a variety of corporate clients including Hydra and Tullow Oil. Our experienced Prezi designers know how to make full use of the softwares capabilities, including embedding video and audio, 3D backgrounds, fade-in animation, Powerpoint import and more. Even better, Prezi presentations now run on iPad and Android tablets and smartphones.

Right now, we are putting the power of Prezi to work for pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Working with GSK Change Consultant Peter Agertoft we produced a branded Prezi called Maximising GSK’s Internal Communications. This was used as part of the GSK Change Framework workshop programme and viewed by senior level audiences. The Prezi was part of a range of materials our studio produced for GSK training workshops, helping to lift the audience engagement. Below are some screen grabs from the Prezi and an embedded link to the GSK workshop Prezi. Please allow a few seconds for it to load.

GSK Prezi

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