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Spacemetric Keystone Branding and Website Design by Ouno Creative

Spacemetric / branding

As the success of Swedish satellite imaging specialist Spacemetric grew they needed to present a more professional face to the marketplace. They turned Ouno to modernise and energise their brand.

The satellite imaging business is growing fast, and so was Spacemetric. But their existing brand was starting to hold them back. It was designed by the company founder during its embryonic years and was beginning to look old-fashioned and a bit amateurish.

To his credit, the Marketing Director Ian Spence recognised the limitations of the existing brand and asked Ouno to conduct a wide-ranging rebrand exercise.

Ouno developed a new identity that included new logo, badging, icon sets, colour palette, software icons and loading screens and fractal patterns. The identity also made use of dramatic and beautiful satellite images sunrises over the rim of planet Earth.

The client loved the confident new brand which continues to evolve and grow with the company.

/ Research
/ Positioning and messaging
/ Identity design
/ Brand collateral
/ Brand digital asset creation
/ Brand roll-out
/ Website design & Dev
/ Web portal design & dev
/ Exhibition and event assets
/ Technical papers
/ Icongraphy
/ UX and interface design

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