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ANIMAL MAGIC / Wild new ad campaign for Silicon Sensing

Silicon Sensing are specialists in the development of cutting edge gyroscopes, accelerometers and inertial systems. These micro components pack a huge technical punch, but how were they going to stand out from the crowd when advertising in a sector dominated by technical or product-based imagery?

From this challenge, we devised an innovative campaign focusing on ‘Motion Evolution’ and how each component had evolved through the years to become the very best in its specific market. These are not ‘make-do’ components, but precision items developed specifically for the task at hand. Just as every fibre of a Cheetah’s physiology has become optimised for peak speed and accelaration, so are Silicon Sensing’s highly evolved components examples of form and function perfected by design.

We created a campaign, featuring powerful animal imagery, a new colour palette, tone of voice and messaging. The campaign was rolled out to trade across print and digital, and has helped them to establish their brand and stake out their territory amongst their competitiors. We are pleased to say that both our client and their audience have been delighted with results.

In addition to the campaign, Ouno came up with a great way for Silicon Sensing to draw attention to their Exhibition Stands when attending Industry events. We designed and produced an animated hologram – floating a virtual sensor inside a hologram-unit, in order to tell a more engaging, 3-dimensional story and better demonstrate the sensors’ USPs.

Silicon Sensing can now show every facet of their little techno widgets, and potential clients can see them spin and extrude, dissemble and build, freeze and become doused in flames, before finally disappearing in a puff of technical wizardry. Magic.

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