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Silicon Sensing marketing campaign 2021 design by Ouno Creative, South East England UK


Ouno have kept a tight relationship with Silicon Sensing since working with them on their campaign a few years ago. That campaign had started to run its course; advertising fatigue had begun to set in; they wanted people to ‘see’ them again.

The print and digital campaigns had also begun to become disjointed. The messaging was similar, but most of the web adverts didn’t feature the same imagery as the print, partly due to space constraints.

So it was time for a change.

Silicon Sensing wanted to put across a more direct message; less abstract, or ambiguous imagery. The new campaign had to say what they actually did! And, naturally, Ouno were keen to take on this new challenge.

The new campaign had to work better across both print and web applications. Especially as their web advertising presence is to increase in 2021.

The backbone of the campaign follows 3 channels – technology, products, applications, with a focus on Silicon Sensing’s key markets which use guidance & navigation systems, and stabilisation systems.

We looked at blending Silicon Sensing’s message of motion with the environment the sensors are used in. As the products were used in diverse settings the particular challenge was to create consistency between a set of adverts. So we included the main message within the environment itself which highlighted the adaptability of the products. The addition of the platforms, like boats, aircraft, satellites etc, brought together the almost literal message (that their sensors are used in the toughest, harshest conditions) and the very markets they are targeting.

One part of the requirement was to feature the sensors themselves prominently. So, as the messaging ‘lives’ within the scene, we set the products in such a way that they are sat in the foreground of the environment.

Ouno created brand new product images from 3D models, replacing the existing photographs. Which meant we could render high quality versions at the angles we needed very quickly. This means they are very versatile, and also leans into the high tech vision Silicon Sensing wants to convey going forward.

Across 2021 the campaign is rolling out as print adverts, web adverts – including animated GIF and HTML, plus in website landing pages, social media branding, new product launch, and exhibition stand design.

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