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GKN / 3D projection mapping

Ouno takes digital storytelling to new heights! Visitors to the GKN Pavilion were enthralled by a 2 minute long 3D image mapping experience that projected images, words and graphics onto the body of a 5m long airliner model.

In order to successfully communicate to visitors to the Farnborough International Airshow the wide range of services offered by GKN Aerospace we opted to mix visual pyrotechnics with a sense of theatre.

Using a physical 5m, three-dimensional scale model of a passenger plane mounted against a 6m x 3m wall as the backdrop, the wall and the model were projection-mapped to create the spell-binding illusion of the plane flying through a multitude of weather conditions and environments.

The 3D visual content and graphics were carefully developed to describe the many manufacturing components and technologies developed by GKN. Using complex multi-layered projection-mapping techniques, the 3D graphics were then overlaid and wrapped on to the contours of the model plane.

This visitor experience gained much media coverage and positive feedback at all levels. There really was nothing else like this anywhere else and it won Ouno an International Communicators Award of Excellence and a Davy Gold Award.

/ Research
/ Concepts and 3D visualisations
/ Script and storyboards
/ Voice over and SFX
/ 3D modelling and animation
/ 3D image projection mapping
/ Project Management
/ Art Direction
/ In-show support

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