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NATIONAL ARMY MUSEUM / 3D Projection Mapping

Ouno was parachuted in to take on a big 3D projection mapping project for the National Army Museum in London.

The story? How postwar Germany has now been at the heart of the British Army for over seventy years. The canvas? A multi-layered, 8m-long, MDF Chieftain tank.

Our immersive animation – which was projected onto this colossal canvas, and accompanied by a huge soundscape – brought the Chieftain to grating, clanking life, with rolling track, wheels and other moving parts.

Layered over this was a short, but dramatic film recounting seven decades of nation building, protection and international collaboration, centred around Exercise Lionheart – the biggest UK Army peacetime manoeuvres since WWII.

Our tank featured as part of the Friend to Foe exhibition. While 3D mapping onto any multi-layered surface – especially one this big – is always a challenge, this was one we were very proud to rise to.

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