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FIECC / Timelapse

A project spanning almost two years; the new exhibition centre at Farnborough airport began construction in Autumn of 2016, and Ouno were there to capture the process in one of the longest timelapse projects we’ve ever known.

The Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre (FIECC) is a huge milestone for Farnborough International. It allows them to not only have a permanent exhibition and conference space for the bi-annual Farnborough Airshow, but also creates a new business arm in hosting events all year round, and as a location for film and television.

We worked with two cameras set up high to cover the whole site for the entire time period. Then set a few cameras up at ground level in various places for a few days at a time; to cover things like concrete floors being laid and the glass frontage being installed.

With a project like this there were a lot of complexities to figure out, ranging from what interval to set the cameras at for a nearly two-year build, dealing with the changing of seasons and length of daylight, right down to processing the sheer amount of images and footage shot.

We periodically produced roundup edits of work in progress for them to use across their social channels and website, before completing the full edit. The final piece is a really great insight into the commercial building process, and a nice chunk of history being made.


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