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Datum / business critical services explained

Datum is trusted by an impressive client list from private and public sectors to deliver business critical IT services. When they wanted to explain how their technically advanced data centres worked they came to Ouno for a spot of top-notch digital storytelling.

Datum Datacentres loved the first explainer video we created for them they came back for more. Ouno prides itself on our digital storytelling capabilities, and we were very pleased (as was the client) with this updated version.

An explainer video is a very effective method for conveying complex information in an engaging, accessible and easy to understand way. They represent a great ROI. If you would like us to make one for you contact or call +44(0)1252 893600.

/ Research
/ Storyboard
/ Script
/ Design
/ Animation
/ Voice over and soundtrack
/ Video editing
/ Project Management

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