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COLAS ONE magazine rebrand by Ouno Creative in South East England

COLAS UK / ‘One’ magazine

A design-led magazine that’s so good, it’s being used as a sales tool.

Three years ago, in 2019, we were drafted in by award-winning French infrastructure giant Colas to improve engagement with their diverse and dispersed UK workforce, so reach was critical.

Blessed with an aspirational name to reflect the company’s ‘One Colas’ approach, consumer-quality design standards, and carefully caibrated tone of voice, everything about ‘One’ magazine is curated, right down to the ecologically friendly paper. This approach gives literal form to the company’s focus on people, quality and mission.

And it’s worked: Beautifully designed and printed, the ‘One’ magazine is now approaching its fourth year of growth – shared across 20 locations and with over 15,000 employees. ‘One’ magazine has become a much-applauded and very effective tool for attracting, retaining and giving a voice to its amazing people, as well as helping to win new clients for 2022 and beyond. That’s one happy client.

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