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The Business Hampshire initiative is the brainchild of HCC’s transformative Economic Development group, and encourages inward investment into the county, as well as supporting companies looking to relocate, and those already building their business.

Ouno won the exciting job of creating the Business Hampshire brand when it was first conceived, and we were chosen, apparently, for our enthusiasm and our partnering approach as much as for our previous experience in the public sector.

Over the next almost two years, we conjured a meaningful name, a hard-working logo, a consistent image style, icons, colour palettes and more, as well as a series of brand executions, including the website; the hub of Business Hampshire. We also provide hosting, maintain a cloud-library of digital assets, and trained HCC staff on WordPress and other aspects of the brand and website build.

Such a long project lifecycle is unusual, and took in several staff changes at HCC along the way, but it was also a valuable learning experience for all of us, both client-side and agency-side. How do you stay motivated over such a long project? How do you handle knowledge transfer? What tools will keep the project on track?

Business Hampshire launched in late 2019, and its uniquely talented staff have already been instrumental in bringing some major investment into the county. Ultimately, the BH initiative is no more than the sum of the vision, talents and dedication of the people involved. As members of Hampshire’s growing business community, we’re very reassured to have HCC and Business Hampshire on our side.

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