Bellwade Corporate Brochure by Ouno Creative, Farnborough

Bellwade / Branding

Bellwade make software that helps helicopter operators to run their fleet efficiently and safely. When the guys approached us we thought they were cool, and of course helicopters are cool, so we jumped at the chance to work with them to create a brand image they could be proud of, and give them a strong push into the market where they would stand out.

To start, as a fairly new company, Bellwade only really had a logo and a simple website, Ouno produced a number of collateral pieces. The most substantial being a suite of brochures targeted at their clients’ various business areas which require different combinations of software features, for example; search & rescue, or a tour operator. Bellwade’s main focus is their flagship software, iSAR. Bellwade’s products are used by office staff, managers and pilots alike for planning, tracking, reporting, to name just a few features.

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