ADS industry facts and figures reports

The UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries make a significant and valuable contribution to economic prosperity and national security.

The 2019 ADS Industry Facts and Figures guides show the extent to which companies in these sectors serve as the industrial backbone of the UK.

ADS represents and supports over 1000 UK businesses operating in the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.

Considered to be the authoritative guide on their sectors, the guides are a resource to reflect what’s happening in industry.

ADS first asked Ouno to create a highly visual document with graphics representing top level statistics and sectors, presenting facts and figures in a short, snappy, digestible way. It was to be part of a larger suite of publications and collateral.

Following on from the over-arching publication are the industry-specific booklets for the Aerospace, Defence, and Security & Resilience sectors, along with infographics for video and web, plus exhibition panels.

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