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SILVER AND GOLD / Touch tables win at the Indigo Awards

Ouno is proud to announce we have won two Indigo Awards for the touch tables created for GKN Aerospace. We won a Gold Award for Interactive Design and a Silver Award for UX, Interface & Navigation. The Indigos reward creative innovation from around the world, with submissions from 50 countries.

The winning entry was a pair of 86” state-of-the-art PCAP touch tables which use a circular nav system activiated by rotating ‘trigger’ pucks.

The tables feature Tangible Object Recognition, supporting up to 6 trigger objects at one time. Each trigger object – a round, acrylic puck made from current conductable plastic – generates its own digital content when placed on the table.

Content is resizable and anchored to the pucks, which can be moved around the touch table screen and shared between visitors.

Check out the winning entries at the Indigo Design Awards 2019

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