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SILICON SENSING / A campaign in motion

After such a long and successful run with our ‘Motion Evolution’ campaign, specialist engineering company Silicon Sensing wanted us to help them gear up for the next phase of their growth in 2021. Naturally, we were determined to build on the traction we’d gained with the first campaign and create a clear roadmap to fulfilling their new objectives.

For this campaign, we were tasked with building brand awareness across different sectors and applications, and piqueing the interest of potential new customers for their advanced motion technology, so our solution had to be evocative, and stand out against the background marketing noise.

But being relevant, staying true to the brand and to your customers isn’t easy; the road to mediocrity is paved with old ideas and littered with bandwagons. So, instead, we took a different route. One that ensured their message of reliability and performance ‘in extremis’ would be seen and heard clearly.

Bold and cinematic, Silicon Sensing’s new campaign is characterised by big, bold monolithic type fused into exciting, dramatic and wide open environments from vast blue skies to oceans of wheat; from deep seas to the outer reaches of space.

The message? Motion sensing in any environment. And rather than fill our newly opened spaces with bullet pointed lists of features and benefits, we really let the fusion of type and imagery breathe, giving their audience the time and space to feel something.

Having set the stage with a whole suite of targeted ads, this campaign is now running at full speed. See more here.

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