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REALFICTION / Our new partner for holographic magic

This year we partnered with Realfiction to bring a futuristic new dimension to our exhibition stand designs with their hologram technology.

These displays give the viewer a spectacular full 3D effect, enabling clients to use 3D animation to showcase products in a new way. allow full 3D effects to float inside or to encompass a product placed within. Realfiction displays com in a huge variety of sizes and shapes.

For GKN Aerospace we used the Dreamhoc HD3, a three sided glass case that sits atop a stylish pedestal, to display a custom built 3D animation depicting their MRO capabilities within the aerospace industry. You can view parts of these animations in the video above or see the whole animation HERE.

We’ve since done similar work for Silicon Sensing to showcase the capabilities of their latest products. These animations feature complex custom 3D effects including water, fire and ice! View the video above or watch the whole animation HERE.

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