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NATEP / Remote recording

With The Farnborough Airshow re-imagined as a virtual event for 2020, event speakers for NATEP (The National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme) asked for our help to turn their scheduled live talk into a virtual event.

NATEP coaches small and medium sized suppliers to win higher-tier business by helping them to build their technological capabilities.

The original NATEP live talk was to be a showcase of 13 of their many success stories, told by the leaders of the lucky client companies themselves. Going virtual presented a new opportunity – to intercut these client stories with NATEP leaders’ and technology managers’ own pieces, for even greater depth and perspective.

However, the need to record each speaker remotely meant we couldn’t be there to set up the video and audio ourselves. So instead, we walked everyone through the potential minefield – coaching, testing and applying a few tricks of the trade to ensure we got the right light and sound levels, consistent angles and connectivity, and the high quality audio and video NATEP needed.

Ouno Creative-video conference-webinar recording and editing

With our talking heads in the bag, we set about editing them into a single coherent narrative, to tell NATEPs story of growth and trasnsformation to an industry audience.

NATEP is developed and run by The Aerospace Growth Partnership.

You can view the entire NATEP segment below, or view on our channel, here:
NATEP Webinars for FIA Connect 2020

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