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MSC / From cruise ship to star ship

Ouno Creative have helped MSC transform an ordinary bar area aboard the newly launched cruise liner MSC Virtuosa into the exciting futuristic Starship Club lounge bar.

Our contribution is the award winning Infinity Touch Table. This 5m long interactive touch table experience reveals to passengers what an MSC cruise some 300 years from now might look like. In the future, ocean-going cruise liners will be replaced by awesome star liners that ply the routes between the planets of the solar system and onto alien worlds beyond.

Using a tactile, intuitive and fun interface passengers of today get to glimpse the world of tomorrow. They can generate their own custom cruise of the galaxy, selecting from a wide range of strange and exotic worlds. Each planet they visit has it’s own unique ecosystem, terrain and alien lifeforms.

The Infinity Table also offers a 3D tour of an MSC star liner, a palm-scanning horoscope, retro games, infographics, a showcase of the current MSC ocean going fleet and the opportunity to send a digital ‘postcard from the future’ to friends and relatives via smartphone.

The Infinity table is functional, entertaining and visually impressive. Packed with interactive content it encourages social interaction among passengers of all ages groups. Book a cruise on the MSC Virtuosa and you too could Touch Infinity


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