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MANTHORPE STAND / Time-lapse at FIA16

Ouno Creative have built a strong relationship with RAL Space over the past few years, after first meeting the company in 2011 to discuss how Ouno could help RAL Space make an impact at Farnborough International Airshow 2012.

RAL Space are a highly respected group of research and technology development laboratories, who have been involved in numerous high profile projects, including partnerships with the International Space Station and the Herschel Space Observatory. Ouno had to tackle the problem of how to display all of RAL Space’s achievements in one exhibition space. Ouno designed and built an interactive exhibition system where any visitors could navigate the RAL Space touchscreen brochure, which projected onto the exhibition stand behind. By going digital, RAL Space were not only able to showcase each and every one of their projects, but also move their brand forward using the latest technology. Ouno also created and edited an intro video that takes the audience on a journey through the galaxy, past notable satellites and planets to finish in front of Earth. Since this first project, Ouno Creative have gone on to produce further projects for RAL Space, one of which was recently used as a backdrop to a speech given by HRH Prince Andrew Duke of York.

The Prince was a guest speaker at the 9th Appleton Space Conference, a prestigious event that discussed the latest developments on a range of current and future space activities. Ouno Creative were honoured to receive an invite, and it was a wonderful moment to be present when HRH Prince Andrew Duke of York took to the stage in front of two screens running our intro video. The video also played on multiple screens placed within the presentation hall. In 2012, David Cameron spoke in front of our exhibition graphics for Farnborough International Airshow. In 2013, HRH Prince Andrew Duke of York spoke in front of our RAL Space exhibition graphics. We wonder who 2014 will bring!

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