NEW CLIENT / Nervecentre

In January, we added Nervecentre Software to our roster of clients here at Ouno. We like a bit of variety, and medical technology is a really interesting field. Nervecentre produce and maintain apps and whole hospital systems for electronic observations.

Their software keeps everyone in a patients chain of care up to date with their progress. Doctors and Nurses at all levels can input and consult information at any time using smartphones and tablets connected to the network – Very clever stuff! Nervecentre came to Ouno, first looking to refresh their app interface design and website, but soon found we could help with all of their creative and design needs, after visiting their offices to talk about what we could do for them. We first took an extensive look at their system interface to organise, modernise, simplify and freshen up the user experience.

Doctors and medical professionals need to have quick access to the information that really matters and have it presented to them in an easily readable way. So we stripped it back and worked with Nervecentre closely to really think about what needs to be shown and where.

The result was an open, clean and clearly signposted interface. Nervecentre really wanted us to push the envelope and give them an ideal solution, which their developers can then take elements of to implement into their system.

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