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iTALK concept app

A patient-led pharmaceutical product portfolio for marketing to NHS payors – either remotely or face-to-face (remember that?). One of the Ouno concept projects we’ve been working on during lockdown.

One silver lining to the disruption to our working lives in 2020 has been the chance to try out some new ideas: Think Google’s famous ‘20% time’ policy, but without the billion dollar bankroll behind it. To make this work, we’ve had to be agile and focused, often finding inspiration from our own – and past – lives.

For the iTALK patient-led pharmaceutical product portfolio concept shown here, our Head of Studio looked at what’s been going on in pharmaceutical marketing since his time as a Creative and Accounts Manager in the sector.

For pharmaceutical companies, 2020 has seen face-to-face marketing fall off a cliff, while budgets are scrutinized for ROI like never before. Meanwhile, building trust on the client-side is an ongoing challenge.

To answer these historical and trending issues, Robin conceived of a single web-enabled multi-platform app designed to house a portfolio of drug products across disease areas. Provisionally titled iTalk, this single portal gives brand managers, clinicians and payors a single portal, a single interface and a common platform, thus increasing user value as well as ROI while decreasing duplicated effort across brands.

The iTALK platform incorporates mandatory features such as AE reporting as well as metrics, live updates, localisation, and CPD training modules and events. It is designed to be used as either an unhosted leave behind (on the web or on a device) or as a KAM-hosted tool.

The app’s matt black skin – clearly visible in the ‘iTALK’ video player screen shown here – begs to be touched, and responds with visual, pulse and audible feedback. A neutral frame to complement any brand’s livery.

Crucially, each product is led, and personalised, by bitesized patient interviews, each one focusing on a different aspect of drug therapy: a great way – especially in these socially distanced days – of getting patients upfront with potential payors. The interviews themselves are split into segments that each address specific aspects of the product (adherence, efficacy etc). This creates an effective objection handler and facilitates client-led, non-linear discussions.

For authenticity and transparency, the iTALK platform – which maximizes the voices of patient groups – would be a big step in the right direction for any pharmaceutical company looking for a digital edge and better ROI.

The iTALK interface includes log-in/log-out, search, soft volume control, one-click access to PI, references and clinical studies, scrub control of video playback, subtitles, talking point markers, virtual LEDs and is optimized for touch control.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Ouno without some stunning visual design – shown here in a beautiful, interactive, animated infographic – a bar chart re-imagined as a ‘stopwatch’ showing efficacy of a product over 24 hours. Thank you, Ouno studio!

If you think this kind of approach could work for you, get in touch: Ouno specializes in high-tech, filming, UX/UI design, infographics, animation – in fact, we have the expertise to do this whole project in-house. And watch out for more concept work over the next few months!

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