GKN / Transparent LCD Holoscreen

Ouno Creative were delighted to be asked to design the GKN pavilion at this years Farnborough International Airshow and we utilised a range of cutting edge technologies to create a memorable visitor experience.

One of the most interesting and engaging technologies was this 65 inch transparent LCD holographic screen from Pro Display.

We featured a large purpose-built display model of a jet engine inside a purpose-built display case, with the transparent LCD screen acting as a viewing window. We then developed interactive content to facilitate non-linear, audience-led commercial presentations.

The resulting interactive transparent LCD display quite literally adds an extra dimension to the product reveal by attracting and engaging audiences in a way that traditional displays cannot. With transparent LCDs, black pixels block light and white pixels are completely transparent, with the full range of semi-transparent RGB colours in between. This means that content can be designed to not only explain technical details of the jet engine, but also to hide and reveal its components.

The HTML5 interface was run from a high spec laptop.

According to our Director, Adrian Broadway: “Ouno always strives to push boundaries for our clients, to create interactions that are genuinely engaging and new. Transparent touch screens just give us so many creative options, and we’re looking forward to exploring them further.”

Ben Kershaw, Sales Manager at Pro Display, comments: “Transparent displays are fast becoming a favourite amongst our customers. Transparent LCD screens combine perfectly with our touch frames, just like they have in the solution that Ouno delivered for GKN. We’ve also added transparent OLED displays to our range, in addition to transparent LCD and rear projection screens, and all these have interactive touch options.”

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