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INFRACO AFRICA / Empowering Africa

It continues to be a privilege for us to support InfraCo Africa in their mission to facilitate vital infrastructure projects across sub-Saharan Africa. These projects –  including the provision of solar power, off-grid energy supply, irrigation and transport solutions – are helping to improve the lives of communities within some of the most impoverished and fragile regions of the continent.

Established in 2004, InfraCo Africa is part of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG). InfraCo Africa provides crucial funding and expertise to infrastructure projects, minimising the risk to potential investors and bringing communities and infrastructure developers together to ensure these vital projects are delivered.

Importantly, InfraCo Africa invest not only in the physical infrastructure, but in local people as well, providing them with the necessary skills and opportunities to succeed.

So, where does Ouno fit into all of this? Over the last year, we’ve been working closely with the InfraCo Africa comms team to deliver a multilingual social media campaign. Through the use of layered imagery, we’ve created social media, video and marketing assets that are helping to bring to life their compelling story of positive change.

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