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We’ve worked with Egis for over six years, and 2021 began with a small retainer to get us started on creating marketing collateral for their post-COVID re-launch.

Of course, no marketing plan survives contact with reality for long, and our two of our first commissions under the new retainer were for high level white papers on the future of aviation, both destined for the global political establishment – and both of them subject to embargoes during development. Skycities. Skyways. Skytaxis. Dream or Destiny? Is the latest.

Launched in May 2021, it shines a light on the future of UAM (Urban Air Mobility) – flying taxis to the man on the bus. It seems the future is already here: Test vehicles from various manufacturers are already in the air, and ports infrastructure is also highly developed. Our approach to showing this exciting near-future world was to mix photographic landscapes of real cities with 3D wireframe models of urban scenes and UAMs to show the future literally being designed and built on today’s cities.

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