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Jablite Exhibition Stand Interactive Touch Screen by Ouno Creative, Hampshire

CREATIVITY CUBED / Stand design shines at RCI

Ouno designs and builds the Jablite cube for the 2016 RCI show.

Ouno Creative was commissioned to create a unique design for Jablite’s exhibition stand at the RCI Show 2016. Tasked with creating something different that would help Jablite stand out from the crowd, Ouno Creative went to work and delivered a variety of eye catching, bespoke stand designs. Jablite chose our ‘Big Block’ concept, a stand built from Jablite insulation itself. Made to look like a huge stack of Jablite panels, shipping label included, the design incorporated a large touchscreen with an interactive app, projected graphics onto the back wall and a perspex display to showcase the large variety of Jablite products. The stand was quickly dubbed ‘The Jablite Cube’ and became the basis of a pre-show marketing campaign.

Creativity cubed One of the most eye-catching features of the Jablite Cube were the animated visual illusions projected onto the back wall. They were designed to give viewers the illusion that the rear wall had been pushed back, creating a virtual space within which a sequence of pulsing, shimmering 3D-generated visuals effects showcased the benefits of Jablite insulation. The optical illusions proved to be a winner with exhibition visitors, who could frequently be seen filming them on their smartphones. To create the illusions a storyboard was agreed with the client that mixed the optical illusions with branded messaging. Then our talented 3D designer Sam set to work figuring out the complex modelling and lighting solutions required to make the illusions work. Using Cinema 4D software, a model of the Jablite Cube was recreated and lighting effects applied that matched the real-world lighting conditions. Sam then produced a series of optical illusions that employed a whole range of techniques including gravity simulation, soft/rigid body dynamics, collision detection, moving planes and false perspective. He also used Transform and City Generator plug-ins to generate complex scenes involving city blocks growing out of the floor and large letters being constructed from hundreds of small blocks.

Interactive Fantastic The Jablite Cube also featured a large interactive touchscreen running a Windows 10 based app that Ouno Creative designed and developed to very tight deadlines. The app showcased Jablite’s team, their products and some high profile projects successfully delivered. Combining both imagery and video, the app provided the Jablite sales team with a way to visually demonstrate to visitors the many ways in which Jablite products are being used in building and construction. Ouno even managed to embed the recently completed new-look Jablite website within the app interface just as the show went live. To match the rest of the Cube design, the display was encased in blocks of Jablite insulation.

Clearly Better The left hand wall of the Cube boasted a 3 metre wide perspex product display case, which rested on two illuminated glowing orange lightboxes. Samples of Jablite’s insulation products were placed within labelled spaces on the display, allowing the Jablite sales team and stand visitors to handle and examine the various types, cuts and thicknesses of insulation available.

A fully recyclable/reusable stand The Jablite Cube was designed to be as fully recyclable/reusable as possible. The Cube walls are made of recyclable Jablite insulation blocks placed over an aluminium scaffolding framework, which is itself reusable. The touchscreen app and the perspex illuminated display cabinets will be reused after the show inside Jablites London HQ reception area. The stand flooring, scaffold framework, mesh ceiling and wall blocks have been placed into storage with the intention of being reused at future shows. Damaged wall blocks are simply recycled into new Jablite product. Ouno Creative co-director Simon oversaw the entire design and construction process, from a prebuild of the stand at the Jablite factory in Howden to the final breakdown and removal. The Cube was literally built from ground up in layers to ensure all the sections lined up. As the stand was 4 metres in height special attention was paid to making it very safe and very stable. Once finished, the Jablite Cube proudly stands out from the host of standard-look shell scheme and modular stands around it. The innovative Cube design combined with engaging projected optical illusions and glowing light effects to deliver something truly unique. As a show sponsor, Jablite wanted to get noticed. The Cube certainly delivered on that front and the show organisers said that if there was a ‘Best in Show’ award for stand design the Cube would have been the clear winner!.

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