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BLOOM / Accredited supplier

We’re proud to announce that we are once again accredited suppliers to the Bloom procurement network. Our first Bloom client was actually Hampshire County Council way back in 2016, but in the chaos of the 2020 COVID pandemic our accreditation lapsed un-noticed. But no longer!

Bloom boasts of ‘Opening up procurement’ which can only be a good thing for a powerhouse micro agency like ours. Catching the eye of potential new clients is a big ask in a big-agency world, so this sort of ‘level playing field’ portal gives us a chance to put our huge talents (and various case studies) on display.

Bloom is outcomes-based, meaning clients only pay for what’s delivered. That gives Bloom clients huge peace of mind and is a great advert for Bloom, and, of course, for us. So maybe ask yourself: Why is your agency not on Bloom?

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