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ADS Achieving Net Zero Infographic

ADS INFOGRAPHIC / Achieving Net Zero Emissions

Our lovely friends at ADS continue to lead the way within UK aerospace, and the latest expression of their journey is this series of infographics. Covering all the sector’s major themes and challenges, the crystal-clear but quirky isometric styling is a real ‘fingerprint’ for the ADS brand and gives the whole series a really strong identity. As UK Aerospace’s major trade body, ADS really know their stuff, but making that deep knowledge accessible to their audiences in an easily digested and visually engaging format is where Ouno are often brought in to help.

Net zero Emissions Infographic for ADS

This was a project that came straight from the ADS CEO and, just as he had planned, this series of specially commissioned infographic panels will give ADS a really strong visual foundation on which to further build their brand and their reach beyond 2022. And with elements of animation in several of the stat-heavy panels, there’s even more to engage audiences.

UK Defence & Security Infographic for ADS

We love an infographic at Ouno, and there’s always a bit of friendly in-fighting around who gets to work on them. Unusually, this series is the result of a collaboration that took in over half our team! Well done us – and well done, ADS: With the panels earmarked for use in presentations elsewhere in the business, the ROI in these will be huge!

Levelling up the UK Infographic for ADS
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