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2021 C2A Awards

A selection of videos to support Ouno Creative’s submissions to the C2A awards

The Story of the Table

From initial 3D concepts, through prototyping and building the table itself, to sourcing, writing and creating all content; watch a brief video overview of the route to installation on the MSC Virtuosa.

Table Features

Set in the Starship Club bar aboard the new MSC Virtuosa cruise ship, there’s a lot to see and do on our touchtable. Take a look at just a few of the features in this video.

User Experience

From the menus and interface, instructions and signposting; the users journey through the touchtable experience was very important. But we also wanted to take them on a solar system-wide journey to strange, exotic worlds. Explore for yourself here.


We incorporated a huge amount of animation into the touchtable to create a really enjoyable experience. Modelling 3D space cruise ships, interiors and exteriors of buildings and creating exotic planets and environments, right down to the menus, transitions, and infographics all made it look slick.


The touchtable needed to be accessible to many different travellers, and part of that was for it to be viewable in 12 languages with a simple language selector. Take a look at some examples of it in practice here.

MSC Branded Content

Ouno worked with the MSC team to incorporate the brand into the touchtable to make it complete, cohesive and consistent. In this video we show how we adhered to the branding throughout and if you look closely you’ll see it pop up in the planetary excursions as well, from buildings and vehicles to the space suits.

The Team Interviews

We’ll have interviews with the team soon.

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